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In folk medicines in Gabon and Central African, Tabernanthe iboga is a medicinal herbal remedy used for neurological disorders and for opioid addiction. It includes the psychoactive alkaloid Ibogaine and activation of the central nervous system. The stimulus effect of the raw or powdered Tabernanthe-Iboga plant is slight, but its alkaloid or extract suggests the possible stimulation and hallucination.

Ibogaine is Tabernanthe iboga's principal alkaloid. Hydrochloride Ibogaine, used for opioid abuse, is the best type. There are also many deaths in its use. If anyone withdraws from Ibogaine HCL, signs of withdrawal will continue. They are generally felt, however, only a percentage of what happens without medication. Depending on the patient's specific properties, the effects of Ibogaine HCL treatment can last from 15-36 hours.


  • Tabernanthe iboga plant is widely used as a medicinal treatment for depression, opioid dependency and other mental disorders. Any of the advantages of the Iboga tree are in this sense.
  • Tabernanthe iboga is not normal in mental stress and depression, though, but it does raise the amount of serotonin in the brain that helps you feel good and get rid of depression. But dependency on Tabernanthe iboga can well grow for this reason, so it should be used with precaution and under medical supervision.
  • The United States bans Tabernanthe iboga or its compounds. The Iboga tree is not permitted to be used in the United States. Ibogaine is scheduled for use as a recreational drug in the United States. In Switzerland and Belgium it is also outlawed.

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