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Utopia Magic Mushrooms are probably some of the most magical truffles. The stones of Utopia begin to grow longer to maintain very high strength. As far as Utopia magic truffles are concerned, they are also solid, this Dutch truffle is the product of years of cultivation and experience with sclerotia.

The Magic Truffle of Utopia is one of the most powerful truffles. New to the truffle family, stones continue to grow longer in order to ensure that they are very solid. It is associated with the truffles in Atlantis. Truffles are typically grown for four to six months and up to 9 and sometimes 10 month. Utopia is usually grown. This boosts the psilocybin level in the rocks. The Hollandia is the only other truffle nearby. If your novice is a half a part (7.5g) can do the job, we also prescribe a dose of caution.


  • A trip to the Magic Mushroom and a trip to the Magic Truffle are not so different.
  • In 30-40 minutes the results are felt and crescendo is reached. The journey may take two hours, but of course it depends on the person, not all of them are similar or in the same emotional state.
  • Truffles can be a little bit tougher than psilocybin Cubensis, in particular the Hollandia and Utopia truffles.
  • A common conversion to calculate how much is to be taken is 1 to 5, so that 1 gram dried is equivalent to 5 grams of fresh magic truffles. If you are not, seasoned users take all 15 g, go halfway (7.5g).

Where to Buy Utopia Online?

A very good magic truffle developed in the Netherlands, the Utopia. Breeders did everything they could for the perfect trip to combat this strong truffle using Utopia. The ride is very visual and vibrant. From now on, in our insightful shop also for sale.

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